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       Hi! My name is Zac. I was a semifinalist on Masterchef Junior, Season 4, and was on the Masterchef Celebrity Showdown. I did 18 live episodes on Periscope/Younow/Youtube. I also won a Young Entertainers Award for Best Actor in a Web Series, Cooking with Zac. You can catch it on my fun and crazy YouTube channel now.

I'm 14 years old, and I love to cook gourmet food. This website is a reflection of my love and passion of cooking, which I want to share with you. From recipes to videos, I want to help you on your cooking journey. I know I'm only 14 years old. I have yet to drive, and I've never traveled outside of North America. I'm not old enough to vote, and I can't buy a lottery ticket. But, I can make a juicy, perfectly cooked steak, and tender, fresh pasta. I can whip up a meringue with gorgeous stiff peaks, correctly season delicious pesto sauces, and break down a whole chicken! I can fillet the skin off a fish, fry crisp onion rings, and make a flavorful, juicy burger. I absolutely love to cook. I don't have the title of “chef” and I've never graduated culinary school, but as a kid cook, I have so much to offer! I've only been cooking for a few years, and I've already learnt so much!

       Almost everyone can't believe that I cook. They can't believe how delicious my dishes look, and how they taste. They can't believe that I have insane knife skills; and that I haven't chopped my finger off! :) They can't believe that at 14, I'm a more accomplished chef than many adults!

       I've always wondered why kids don't cook. I've realized that the kitchen can be a scary place to many people, full of sharp thingies called knives, and magic knobs that make fire, aka gas stoves. The kitchen can be brutally dangerous, but only if you don't have the skills and knowledge. Can you imagine learning to ride a bike without someone to guide you, or even some training wheels? It would be dangerous! I would know, because I've still have some ugly skinned knees from the last time I fell off my bike!

       If we aren't taught to cook when we're young, when do we learn? We start cooking out of necessity. Cooking is a requirement in the real world, if you don't want to subsist on takeout and fast food. Once we leave our parents' home, we realize that we have to take care of ourselves, and cooking is an integral part of that. How can our parents set us free so ill-prepared? They kept us fed, took care of us, and helped us through school. How could they not teach us one of life's most valuable lessons?

      Let's change this together! Everyone should and can learn how to cook, from young kids, boys and girls, teenagers to college bound young-adults, to parents and grandparents. We've all got to eat, no matter what your age! I'm a big believer in sharing. Start cooking for your friends, or for your special someone. Even better, invite them to cook with you. Maybe you can teach them something, or learn from them.

     Parents can take advantage of cooking as bonding with their kids, talking to them, and learning more about who they are. In my home, everyone cooks together, from my mom, to my sister, to my brother. Even something as little getting your kid to peel a carrot, or cleaning some salad to start with, could set them on the culinary journey of a lifetime.

    So let me  be your guide, and provide you with the tools, knowledge and guidance to cook better, more delicious, and awesome looking food!

Let's learn how to cook delicious food, that even a 14 year old can cook.

Hey, if I can cook, so can you!

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